The distributed software contains a README file with installation instructions, a userguide, the Fortran sources (including some examples), and precompiled Matlab functions for Unix 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit and Mac OS 64 bit architectures; sources are also provided to compile Matlab functions for other architectures.

Software repositories referenced below are password protected.
To obtain temporary access, you need to obtain a license from ULB.

Three types of license are offered:

Note that some modules are specific to the professional version; i.e. are distributed only with commercial licenses. Click here or contact us for details. If interested, academia and research institutions can purchase a license for the professional version at modest price (this kind of expense - license purchase - is admissible for many research grants). Purchasing the professional version also allows transfer between colleagues, whereas all academic licenses are stricty personal. Access to the latest modules can also be granted within the framework of a scientific partnership with us.

If you obtained an Academic license, go here.

If you obtained a Commercial license, go here.


Changes from release 4.2.2:

Changes from release 4.2.1:

Changes from release 4.1.1:

Changes from release 3.3.2:

Changes from release 3.3.0:

Changes from release 3.2.1:

Changes from release 3.2.0:

Changes from release 3.1.2:

Changes from release 3.1.1:

Changes from release 3.0 (the first three have no influence on the software usage):

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